Thursday, February 11, 2010

Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • QTE Blog: Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • QTE Blog: Audio Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • PS3: Famitsu gives Heavy Rain a 37/40. more scores to be released after 5pm GMT

  • there will be day 1 dlc for Battlefield Bad Company 2

  • PC: Myst Online, a mmo, has been re-released and is now free to play.

  • PS3: rumoured footage from Wakebarding HD has been leaked. its suggested this is Creat's next game.

  • PS3: its been reported that a Japanese podcast mentions that Demons Souls 2 is coming out this year in Japan

  • PSP: Dylan Cuthbert says there are no plans for more PixleJunk PSP games. say most people don't hook PSP's to the PSN

  • Nintendo is holding a event on 24th February. something is reportedly going to be revealed.

  • analysts predict that digital sales will increase 34% in 2010. industry to grow 6%. PS3 only console with sales increase

  • EA says they are looking at ways to punish players who quit online games in FIFA 11

  • the first 5th Gen pokemon has been revealed. the silhouette was Zoroark, the evolved form of Zorua.

  • QTE Blog: SouthPeak Announce 3D Dot Heroes Comes Out In The UK On May 14th, Will Be At The Midlands MCM Expo

  • the ESA has revealed that there are more than 120 exhibitors for E3. some absences, High Voltage, NCSoft, 6 trade groups

  • 360: A Final Fantasy XIII Bundle is coming out in Japan. it'll be a white 360+250GB HDD, 2 controllers + FF XIII

  • PS3: Heavy Rain review scores have gone live. plenty of 9/10 - 10/10 with a couple of 7/10

  • QTE Blog: New Zero Punctuation - Borderlands

  • Wii: Marvelous Entertainment have opened World Game Parade to localise western WiiWare games for a Japan Release

  • iPhone: Revolutionary Concepts are releasing Karate Champ, with multiplayer. Manomio are working on a Amigo emulator

  • Disney's gaming division have announced they made a loss of $10M, up from a $45M Loss. Wii+DS games sold best

  • QTE Blog: Sega Have Released A New Trailer For Sonic & Sega All Star Racing

  • QTE Blog: EA Announce That Over 8 Million Games Have Been Sold Since Their Partnership In 2007 With Hasbro

  • PS3: its been reported that a Japanese podcast mentions that Demons Souls 2 is coming out this year in Japan

  • QTE Blog: PopCap Announce The Bejeweled Franchise Is 10 Years Old

  • PS3: Sony has annoucned that the PS3 will get a 3D Gaming Patch and a 3D Blu-Ray Patch in the summer

  • 360: Samurai Shodown Edge of Destiny is set to come out in the USA this spring as Samurai Shodown Sen

  • iPhone: Doom II RPG is out now for $4

  • PC: its reported there are issues with BioShock 2 and WideScreen PC's. it trims the top+bottom of a 4:3 resolution

  • Xbox: DLC For original Xbox Games is already not working with Xbox Live. its reported this started last week

  • Wii: Rock Of The Dead has been announced. it lets you kill zombies by using a Guitar Hero Controller and inputting riffs

  • Activision Blizzard have posted financials, Q4 revenue is down to $1.56B, from $1.6B. Year revenue up to $4.28B from $3B

  • Activision Blizzard announce a new Tony Hawk, Call Of Duty, Guitar Hero, And Spiderman game will come out during 2010

  • Activision are reducing the amount of Music games they release in 2010 to 10, down from 25 in 2009

  • Activision have announced that Singularity and Transformers War For Cybertron was coming out in may 2010

  • Activision have announced that a Blur multiplayer beta will come out in March

  • Xbox: Microsoft say they are 'actively working' to restore DLC. this service should be live until April 15th

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