Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sony Online Entertainment Detail The Free Realms Winter Update

Sony Online Entertainment have detailed the Winter update for Free Realms. The Update Will Bring:

New Pets
  • dragons, dinosaurs, unicorns, ponies and pegasi
  • Each pet can now do 3 tricks. the happier the pet, the better the trick
  • Dragons may poo fire droppings, Pony's may wee Rainbows if you leave them alone
  • its a new job class that has 13 quests available
  • there are 30 different species of fish to catch
  • you can fly fish, customise you rod poles and lures
Player Housing
  • three types will be available. you can invite friends to your house
  • The Apartment has 1 bedroom, is free, can hold 75 items
  • The Small Wilds House has 2 bedrooms. it has a small yard, free for members, holds 250 Items
  • The large Wilds House has 3 bedrooms, a large yard, can hold 400 items, only available in the marketplace.
Snow Days
  • Snowhill is transformed into a winter wonderland
  • there will be holiday treats and holiday quests
  • There will be a Snow ball fighting area
  • New seasonal clothes will be available in the marketplace.
Other Features
  • Skypads can launch a character into the air.
  • Combat has been revamped. every job, item, and encounter has been upgraded.
  • Activity Calender will keep you up to date with parties
  • To Start the new TCG quests, purchase the Shattered past and talk to Sir Wellington in Briarwood
  • You can now dye items in the marketplace before you buy them
  • Live Gamer! is live in the US for players 18+.

Free Realms Winter Holidays

Free Realms Housing

Free Realms Pets

Free Realms Fishing

Press Release

Free Realms™ is closing 2009 with a BANG! Today, the hit online game released its newest game update containing a multitude of highly anticipated new features directly requested by the players. From spike dragons and snowball fights to real estate and rocket ships, Free Realms continues to be the place where PLAYERS RULE!

Player Housing allows players to have a personal piece of virtual real estate all their own. With three types of houses available now, you can obtain unique items to decorate your new pad, play with your pets in the yard, invite friends over and even throw dance parties.
• The Apartment – 1 bedroom and free for all players; holds up to 75 items.
• The Small Wilds House – 2 bedroom house with a small yard; free for all Members and holds up to 250 items.

• The Large Wilds House – 3 bedroom house with a large yard; available only in the Marketplace and holds up to 400 items.
• Over 100 items – Decorate the interior and exterior of your new place with cool house items like the Babbling Stone Head, the Mega Dance Floor or a larger than life Rocket Ship that actually launches. Obtained through the Marketplace, Coin Shop, quests and the Daily Spin wheel, most Marketplace and Coin Shop items are color-customizable at purchase.

Snow Days, the Free Realms winter holiday celebration, has transformed Snowhill into a winter wonderland filled with food, fun, and of course – presents!
• Holiday Treats – Visit Candi Ivy near the Gifting Tree in Snowhill to help protect the presents from a wicked gang of Robgoblins and the abominable snowmen! Follow the holiday quest line and players might just get a chance to try all of her neat holiday sweets.
• Ready-Aim-Fire! – Pelt your friends with snowballs as you duck behind ice barriers in the Snowhill snowball fighting area.

• Dress to Impress – Check out the Marketplace for new holiday clothes, costumes and items!

New Pets have arrived in Free Realms including dragons, dinosaurs, unicorns, ponies and pegasi. Available in numerous colors direct from the in-game Marketplace, these unique species are ready to be adopted and find loving homes!
• Tricks & Tips – From backflips and hand stands, to breathing fire and playing dead, these new pets each have 3 impressive tricks they can perform for your entertainment. Happier pets do cooler tricks so make sure you stock up on their favorite foods.
• Special Surprise – Stand around long enough and your pet pony may protest with a little rainbow tinkle or dragons may release some hot fire droppings.

Fishing is the latest job to be added to Free Realms with an all new 3D minigame that will reel in players hook, line and sinker! Ever wonder what lurks within the waters of Sacred Grove? Fishermen know all the secret spots to cast their lines and catch everything from exotic fish to treasure. You can also fish with your friends for added angling adventure.
• Go Fish! – 13 quests await players who take the bait and visit resident fishing expert, Reed Stillwater in the Sacred Grove Shallows.
• On the Hook – 30 different species of fish are just waiting to be caught in six different fishing holes.

• Fly Fishing – Gear up with the coolest fishing equipment. Poles, lures and wearables are available in the Marketplace, Coin Shop and by playing the fishing minigames.

Other Feature Additions:
• Launch yourself into the sky with Launch Pads; these can be found in Lakeshore, Snowhill, Merry Vale, Seaside and Sanctuary!
• Combat has undergone a large revamp. Every combat job, item and combat encounter has been upgraded to make your combat experience faster paced and more exciting. Start a battle from the Game Guide to try out powerful new attacks!

• Check the Activity Calendar for Parties and Events! These parties are popping up all over the place; dress up in your Luau gear or bring you pets along to join in the fun!
• To start the new TCG quests, purchase the Shattered Past quest packs and talk to Sir Wellington in Briarwood, outside of Vale of Ancients.

• You now can find the option to dye items different colors in the Marketplace before you buy them!
• You can now buy and sell some items and characters with Live Gamer! This service is available to our 18+; US only, English only players.

The December game update is now available in game. To log in, visit

Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) is a recognized worldwide leader in massively multiplayer online games which have entertained millions of players around the globe. SOE creates and delivers compelling entertainment for the personal computer, online, game console and wireless markets. Known for its blockbuster franchise EverQuest®, its successful online trading card game Legends of Norrath®, as well as the recent kids’ phenomenon Free Realms™, SOE continues to raise the bar for online gaming and players worldwide. Headquartered in San Diego, with additional studios in Austin, Seattle, Denver, Tucson, and Taiwan, SOE has a slate of engaging, high-quality games currently in development across new genres for all platforms and audiences.

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Free Realms is rated E-10+ for crude humor and fantasy violence.

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