Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • QTE Blog: Re-Cap of The Weekends News (oldest to newest) http://ow.ly/16bTpJ

  • QTE Blog: Audio Re-Cap of The Weekends News (oldest to newest) http://ow.ly/16bUmF

  • iPhone: Vodafone will start selling the iPhone and iPhone 3GS on January 14th in the uk http://ow.ly/OfjQ

  • Serious Sam 3 is happening and is currently on track for a 2010 release. http://ow.ly/OfoT

  • Its rumoured that Super Street Fighter IV will have 10 new characters, 4 of which are yet unannounced. http://ow.ly/Ofqs

  • On sale in March will be a Castlevania soundtrack collection that will have 19 discs. it'll cost ¥21,000 http://ow.ly/OftR

  • Blizzard have said that they will do another console game even though its been 9 years since their last. http://ow.ly/Ofv4

  • PSP: the peripheral company who put the PSP-4000 on a product have said its a mistake, they no nothing of a PSP-4000 http://ow.ly/Ofw8

  • PS3: Final Fantasy XIII sold over 1.5 Million in its first week on sale. its reported that 250k PS3's were sold http://ow.ly/Og8i

  • UK Game Charts, Modern Warfare 2, Fifa 10, Wii Sports Resort, Assassins Creed II, Mario & Sonic at Olympic Winter Games http://ow.ly/Ogaw

  • PS3: Fat Princess Release in Japan is December 25th for ¥1,500. the characters have a extra finger http://ow.ly/Oges

  • its being reported that EA is looking to create a development centre in Atlanta. its part of the move away from California http://ow.ly/Oirr

  • QTE Blog: EA And Cancer Research UK Announce A Item Donation Incentive http://ow.ly/16bZeI

  • QTE Blog: Konami Have Released Screenshots For Assult Heroes On The Playstation 3 http://ow.ly/16c047

  • 360: Crackdown 2 is coming out in the first half of 2010. http://ow.ly/On1s

  • PS3: MAG has gone gold. a USA beta will go live and it'll be open for everyone. its set for a January 26th release http://ow.ly/On5L

  • QTE Blog: This Weeks WiiWare, DSiWare, And Virtual Console Releases http://ow.ly/16c2jb

  • PC: The NASA MMO will have a demo early in 2010. http://ow.ly/On6o

  • PC: RT @TrekMovie: Leonard Nimoy Joins Star Trek Online Voice Cast – Watch Behind The Scenes Nimoy Video http://twurl.nl/6ggvyk

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