Sunday, December 20, 2009

Android Game Of The Week – Frozen Bubble

Frozen Bubble
Developed By Pawel Aleksander Fedorynski
Version: 1.5
Size: 495KB

The Good
Amount Of Levels
Game Size

The Average
Frequent Updates

The Bad
Sound Effects.

Frozen Bubble is probably a well known game on the Android Market. Whilst it probably has been on the Market for a while, most people may come across it in the By Date section in the Market as it's been updated frequently recently. The file size of the game is small, but the amount of the levels included in the game are huge. Its a bubble popping game most similar to the Bust-A-Move series, and some people familiar with that series may find some of the levels familiar.

There is only one mode in the game where you play many levels trying to clear the bubbles. The bubbles go down and if they cross a line at the bottom of the screen it will be game over. You can though start from the level you were playing and repeat it until you complete the level. There are many levels in the game with much variety between them. But if you have played similar games before some of these levels can feel very familiar.

Even though the game is very familiar, the graphics look good. The bubbles are distinct from each each and the game has a colourblind option and inserts shapes into the bubbles. The background is a little plain but it does look good and stands out from the bubbles. The Little penguin who moves the machine animates well and has a good style to it. There is no music in the game and the sound effects are very simple, just the noise of the bubble machine moving. Of course though you can play your own music whilst playing the game.

The game uses the Phone roller ball to control the angle which the bubbles shoot. There are no button controls beyond the menu button bringing up the games menu. As the game uses the roller ball, how good you are using the ball will determine how accurate your aim will be in the game. Personally, I found using the ball to be ok but I would have liked a option to have a line show where the machine was pointing, to get used to using the roller ball.

The lack of a line showing the angle of the machine is probably the only issue with the game. I experienced no frame rate drops or any other issues. There are things that I would have liked seen added to the game like a time attack mode as Many games in this genre have more modes beyond the main bubble popping. Having just the main mode does make the game more portable friendly.

This game may be similar to other games in the genre but it is well done. The graphics in the game are well done and the gameplay is solid. There is a large quantity of levels, making the game a good portable version of the bubble popping genre and a game that will take any player a long time to complete.

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