Sunday, November 8, 2009

What Have You Played This Week?

Not a huge amount of games played this week. Earth Defence Force ended up being a lot longer than I imagined it would be...53 levels and 10 hours!

Football Manager 09 – PC – I decided to go back to a favourite team in the game, FC bayern Munchen. They are not my favourite team, that's Ipswich Town, but they are one of the easiest teams to play as, which enables me to look for other players, tactics and such. Would love to get the new game, but unfortunately I can't afford it, but what is great about the Football Manager games is that you can play them for a long time, even if a new version has come out (typically as the newest Football Manager needs 1 patch for it to get great.)

Fat Princess – PS3 – I played New Pork and think its a good map. It does feel slightly too big, but near the end of a game it does get very hectic as defences are broken. As its very new, only a few people new how to play the map properly which made it frustrating.

Earth Defence Force 2017 – Xbox 360 – Finally finished it. But after 53 levels and 10 hours I started to not enjoy it. The game just felt too long. The load times didn't get any better, and by level 40, the frame rate was becoming an issue as there was so many things happening on screen the game couldn't handle it. The story made little sense. One good thing was the progression of weapons and health, only once did I think the game had got ahead of my health. One big annoyance is the achievements, I completed the game on normal and got that achievement but I didn't get the easy competition one. You have to go through each difficulty and complete it.

AudioSurf – PC – I hadn't played this game in a long time and I had gotten a couple of emails saying my high scores had been beaten. I got a few back, got a couple of high scores. That part of the game has been improved a lot since the game came out, and whilst now its very well implemented the time it took for it to happen is poor. Still a simple game, graphics look to have been improved slightly, and importantly I find its still fun.

What have you been playing this week? feel free to add your weeks gaming selection in the comments, or comment on my selection for this week

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