Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • QTE Blog: Audio Re-Cap of The Weekends News (oldest to newest) http://ow.ly/160slv

  • 360: The Wireless N Adaptor has been spotted on sale in the UK for £49 http://ow.ly/AJj4

  • The ESRB has rated PAIN, Hot Shots Golf and High Velocity Bowling tables in Pinball Heroes. http://ow.ly/AJm2

  • Chocobo's have been revealed in the latest screenshots from Final Fantasy XIII http://ow.ly/AJn4

  • PS3: Marketing and Sony America are said the be the reasons for Gran Turismo 5's release being held up. http://ow.ly/AJoa

  • Wii: PEGI has rated Moonwalker for the Virtual Console. no word on a release date yet. http://ow.ly/AJoR

  • UK Game Charts, Wii Fit Plus, FIFA 10, Wii Sports Resort, Football Manager 2010, Dragon Age Origins are top 5. http://ow.ly/AJpL

  • StarCraft II producer Chris Sigaty confirms that there will not be a StarCraft II Beta this year, its been pushed to 2010 http://ow.ly/AJrs

  • GameStop broke the Modern Warfare 2 street date as other retailers did, it was "an effort to protect our customer base" http://ow.ly/ALfL

  • UK Supermarkets are aggressively pricing Modern Warfare 2.Sainsbury's £26, ASDA £32, Tesco £25 when bought with chart item http://ow.ly/ALjI

  • QTE Blog: Koei Has Released Screenshots For Romance Of The Three Kingdoms Touch On The iPhone http://ow.ly/160uAB

  • Infinity Ward will not reset the Modern Warfare 2 mulitplayer leaderboards of legit bought copies. http://ow.ly/ALmj

  • Some sites have broken the Modern Warfare 2 review embargo. they rate it very highly, a couple of perfect scores. http://ow.ly/ALr1

  • PC: Inifinity Ward have said that PC versions of Modern Warfare 2 won't work until Tomorrow (Tuesday) http://ow.ly/ALrU

  • Activision have trademarked Drum Hero. it is to be used in Videogames. http://ow.ly/ALsG

  • Wii: Modern Warfare Reflex is reported to have been hacked, someone already has 1,337,420 Kills. http://ow.ly/ALui

  • QTE Blog: EA Has Released New Screenshots For MMA http://ow.ly/160vHU

  • 360: Valve has said that high end PC mods cannot work on the 360. gonna try to get the community to reduce Mod Specs. http://ow.ly/ALxu

  • PS3: The Killzone 2 soundtrack is now available to buy on iTunes. it has 29 tracks and a runtime of 74 minutes http://ow.ly/ALym .

  • Wii: Swedish Devs, Zoink Games, have created a Wii game which can use a Puppet (with the remote inside) as a controller http://ow.ly/ALAu

  • QTE Blog: Microsoft Announces Season 2 of 1 VS 100 Will Start November 18th http://ow.ly/160wfY

  • PSP: the first screenshots of BlazBlue Portable have been released. http://ow.ly/AO5s

  • Sony has announced that the PSN will be offline from 8AM (GMT) until 11 (GMT). users maynot be able to sign in. http://ow.ly/AO6m

  • Wii: Tales Of Vesperia is not coming to the Wii. The Voice Actor said he was working on Tales Of Graces. http://ow.ly/AO81

  • PSP/PS3: The EU/UK PSN Video Store will go live November 18th. http://ow.ly/AO9h

  • QTE Blog: Capcom And Hi Corp Announce That Resident Evil 4 Is Coming To The Zeebo As Resident Evil 4: Zeebo Edition http://ow.ly/160x4J

  • Magic: The Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers is coming to PC's and PS3's. 360 version will be getting 2 new expansions http://ow.ly/AOdM

  • Its being reported that there have been layoffs at 4 EA studios http://ow.ly/APzv

  • Capcom have announced that resident evil 5 alternative edition will be available as DLC http://ow.ly/APGh

  • QTE Blog: Temco Announce NBA UNRIVALED For The Playstation Network And Xbox Live Arcade http://ow.ly/160xP0

  • PS3: Up! will be available on the USA PSN Tomorrow. a further 80 Disney titles will be made available on the PSN http://ow.ly/ARC5

  • Modern Warfare 2 release date one of the most broken street dates in history, many online retailers shipped it last week http://ow.ly/ARP6

  • QTE Blog: EA Announce They Have Aquired Playfish http://ow.ly/160z2F

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