Friday, October 9, 2009

Sony Europe Explain Why The UK/EU Do Not Have PSN Games Or DLC Available To Buy From Online Retailers

I asked a Sony Europe Representative is Sony had plans to have games available to buy from Online retailers like Sony America has done with i also asked if there were plans for such a move in the future. this was their response.

"The reason we haven't done anything similar to SCEA and Amazon is due to them already offering product specific download vouchers and have done for some time, where as we have only just launched currency cards and not product specific. Therefore there are no plans at the moment to do something similar, but that does not mean it will change in the future. "

as you can see, for Sony America it was a natural progression of their existing deal. For Sony Europe, it sounds like their relationship with is still early, but as they say, things can change in the future and they didn't seem negative towards such an idea.

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